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The Bay Area Naturists!

The Bay Area Naturists are a loosely-knit collection of people in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas who believe in the principles below:

  1. We believe that the human species must live in harmony with itself and the other species which populate Planet Earth. We acknowledge our responsibility to preserve the delicate environment with which we are entrusted for the benefit of our fellow humans and all species.
  2. We believe in the fundamental wholesomeness of the human body, and regard it as neither an object of shame nor a subject for degrading exploitation. We believe that our natural state is to be without clothing, and that the choice to be clothed or not should be at the option of each individual.
  3. We believe that these two concepts are intertwined, and that awareness of this is enhanced by intimate contact between the human being and the environment. To that end, we advocate the acceptance of suitable areas for nude recreation.


Bay Area Naturist activities span a variety of interests, educational, social, and recreational purposes. The Bay Area Naturists was formed to provide a liaison for people with similar interests to meet one another and establish a more visible presence; however, privacy of individual members is always respected.

Who are the Bay Area Naturists?

You are, if you live in the San Francisco or Monterey Bay areas and endorse the Principles of the Bay Area Naturists.

The South Bay Naturists began as a group of friends with common beliefs, mostly from the Lupin Lodge, Laguna del Sol, and Red, White, and Blue Beach, who joined in parties at one another's homes. We've adopted Bonny Doon Beach for the annual California Coastal Commission cleanup since 1988, and began a newsletter in 1988, and merged with the Bay Area Naturist Network in 1997.

"If I already am a Bay Area Naturist," you ask, "then why should I sign up and pay dues?" Primarily, membership enables you to keep in touch with your fellow Bay Area Naturists. You get a subscription to our newsletter. It is published every month or two, depending on the news. Minimal dues provide e-mail delivery of our newsletter; and additional fee covers printing and postage costs a paper edition.

Joint membership: Bay Area Naturists and The Naturist Society

We are pleased to offer a combination membership in conjunction with The Naturist Society (TNS). If you join or renew membership in TNS, you may now join the Bay Area Naturists (BAN) at little or no additional cost! Here's how it works:

You can of course join TNS by sending your dues directly to TNS headquarters in Oshkosh. However, if instead you send the same amount to the Bay Area Naturists (BAN), you get membership in both BAN and TNS! This is possible because TNS offers a discount for memberships forwarded by a local group, which is sufficient to pay your your local dues, with our local newsletter delivered to you by e-mail. You may also get the newsletter on paper delivered by U.S. mail for the cost of printing and postage.

Membership in The Naturist Society includes a subscription to their magazine, Nude & Natural.

Individuals who (for reasons of poverty or politics) wish to abstain from The Naturist Society, may still join Bay Area Naturists alone for a nominal cost.

Details are on our Membership Application form.

It's your Newsletter!

The Newsletter is primarily the effort of one individual, editor Rich Pasco. He'd rather it not stay that way! It is intended to be a medium for discussion between members. As such, every Bay Area Naturist is encouraged to submit items of local interest and Naturist relevance for publication.

We're particularly interested in announcements of forthcoming events and in news clippings of past events of naturist interest. Such events may include organized beach or camping trips, events at nudist resorts, invitations to "open house" parties, etc. We are also interested in "sniffing the wind" of social and political attitudes toward naturism in the Bay Area.

Machine-readable computer text is preferable but paper is also welcome. Computer files may be sent on diskette (preferably IBM PC or MS/DOS format) or electronically by arrangement with the Editor.

House Parties

The nucleus of the Bay Area Naturists is a circle of friends who've met at various nudist beaches and resorts, and extended their activities to include pool and barbecue house parties. We hope these parties will continue, invite other Bay Area Naturists to host parties as well, and offer the Newsletter as an alternative to direct mail for distributing invitations. Non-members of Bay Area Naturists are generally welcome at house parties, provided they believe in the Principles and arrange with the host prior to attending.

When holding a party open to all Bay Area Naturists, the host can send the invitation to the editor in sufficient time to be included in the newsletter. The host may ask for a small donation to cover the cost of food and utensils.

Sometimes, someone may wish to hold a private party independent of BAN, but invite people he knows from BAN activities; in this case, the host may request addresses or phone numbers from the BAN files. It is important that we know whether you wish your address given out in cases like this; please indicate your preference on the membership application.

If you're ready to join now, you may complete your membership application, print it and return it with your dues. Or, if you'd like us to mail you a sample newsletter or two with your application, send your request and a self-addressed #10 business-size (4.1" × 9.5" or 10.5 × 24.1 cm) envelope with two ounces first class postage to
       Bay Area Naturists
       P.O. Box 23781
       San Jose  CA  95153-3781

Proudly affiliated with
The Naturist Society Foundation

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