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Below are links to news items that have come to the attention of Bay Area Naturists.

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February, 2016

Mac holding 1st Nearly Naked Mile (Ryne Turke, WLDS FM 107.1, Saturday, February 6, 2016)
Second Careers: Ex-Fidelity Magellan Fund Manager Harry Lange Is The Money Man At Hedonism II Resort (Amy Feldman, Forbes, Friday, February 5, 2016)
Owner of Los Gatos Nudist Resort Sentenced in Water Theft Case (Jennifer Wadsworth, San Jose Inside, Thursday, February 4, 2016)
Nude yoga: Baring all an eye-opening but liberating experience (Damien Larkins, ABC News Australia, Tuesday, February 2, 2016)
San Jose: Lupin Lodge owner sentenced in water theft case (Jason Green, San Jose Mercury News, Tuesday, February 2, 2016)
Nudist resort owner pleads no contest to trespassing, diverting creek water (Bay City News via KRON 4, Monday, February 1, 2016)

January, 2016

How to love your body the Danish way (hint: you'll need to get naked first) (Polly Phillips, The Telegraph, Saturday, January 30, 2016)
From prude to nude: The previously modest woman stripping off to do a VERY public naked swim... after being inspired to bare all by her stripper housemate (Lauren Ingram, Daily Mail Australia, Friday, January 29, 2016)
Dutch saunas warned not to film naked people for security reasons (Dutch News, Thursday, January 28, 2016)
Fruits of Nude Drawing Marathon on Display for One Day in the LES (Josh Keefe, DNA info New York, Wednesday, January 27, 2016)
Rome Covers Up Nude Statues in Museum for Iran President (Video) (ABC News, Wednesday, January 27, 2016)
Italians Mock Cover-Up of Nude Statues for Iranian's Visit (Elisabetta Povoledo, New York Times, Wednesday, January 27, 2016)
Iran's President visits Italy: Nude statues covered (Pietro Lombardi, CNN, Wednesday, January 27, 2016)
Judge orders temporary stop to Springfield ‘nipple law’ (Heather Hollingsworth, Associated Press Missoury Lawyers Weekly, Tuesday, January 26, 2016)
Free the Nipple? (video) (Deborah Acosta, New York Times, Tuesday, January 26, 2016)
Meet the Nudists Willing to Sue Their City for the Right to Get Naked (Peter Holslin, Vice, Tuesday, January 26, 2016)
Man climbs mountain to find odd note from a mysterious naked hiker (Hattie Gladwell, Metro, Tuesday, January 26, 2016)
Judge orders temporary stop to 'nipple law' in Missouri city (Heather Hollingsworth, Associated Press via Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Monday, January 25, 2016)
This week in history: Jan. 25-31: Jan. 30, 1935 (Konrad Stump, Springfield News-Leader, Sunday, January 24, 2016)
Yorkshire mums go naked after running out of clean clothes during Atlantic row (Ashley Barnard, The Press, York, Sunday, January 24, 2016)
Yorkshire mums row the Atlantic naked after running out of clothes (Yorkshire Post, Sunday, January 24, 2016)
Waiting For Naked Statues At Khajuraho To Be Covered: Nayantara Sahgal (NDTV, India, Sunday, January 24, 2016)
The bare facts: Exploring nude modelling and life art classes in Adelaide (Brett Williamson, ABC News Australia, Thursday, January 21, 2016)
Drop the Bikini? How to Enjoy Co-ed Nude Spas—and Expand Your Cultural Bravery (Jessica Scott-Reid, Wall Street Journal, Thursday, January 21, 2016)
Rosie Waterland posts naked selfie on Facebook to highlight impossible beauty standards (Hayley Gleeson, ABC News Australia, Wednesday, January 20, 2016)
San Jose, Palo Alto students swept to sea are identified; cousin alleges 'lukewarm response' by Coast Guard (Ryan Masters, Santa Cruz Sentinel via San Jose Mercury News, Wednesday, January 20, 2016)
UPDATE: Prayer vigil for two UCSC students swept out to sea (video) (Paul Dudley & Erika Mahoney, KION News 5, Wednesday, January 20, 2016)
Coast Guard suspends search for students swept out to sea near Santa Cruz (Vince Cestone, KRON 4, Tuesday, January 19, 2016)
Topless Baristas Have Taken Over Washington State – and Not All Locals Are Happy (video) (Lydia Price, People, Tuesday, January 19, 2016)
Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games attract hundreds of competitors who dare to bare all (Rebecca Opie, ABC News Adelaide Australia, Sunday, January 17, 2016)
Former nudist resort owner leads screenwriters group (Denise Goolsby, The Desert Sun, Friday, January 15, 2016)
Clothing-optional beach request going back to Wasaga Beach council (Ian Adams, Wasaga Sun, Thursday, January 14, 2016)
50 years ago: 1966 (The Commercial Appeal, Wednesday, January 13, 2016)
Opinion: The naked truth about the First Amendment (Noah Feldman, NorthJersey, Wednesday, January 13, 2016)
Lava Lite, symbol of the 1960s, changes its name (Kim Janssen, Chicago Tribune, Tuesday, January 12, 2016)
‘Women shouldn't hide away’: Swiss artist stages nude protest in Cologne after NYE assaults (video) (Russia Today, Saturday, January 9, 2016)
The Questions I Asked Myself Before My First Polar 'Bare' Plunge At 59 (Sandra LaMorgese, Huffington Post, Friday, January 8, 2016)
15th Annual “No Pants” BART Ride Day (Funcheap, Friday, January 8, 2016)
A Clothing Optional Beach? (audio) (Ian MacLennan, Bayshore Broadcasting, Thursday, January 7, 2016)
Life Changing Moments: Clothing Optional (video) (Michelle Wallen, TEDxChemungRiver, Thursday, January 6, 2016)
Australia's oldest nudist club invites new members to get back to nature (Corey Hague, ABC News Australia, Thursday, January 6, 2016)
Australia's oldest nudist club bares all to win new members (Melanie Kembrey, Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday, January 5, 2016)
Stop! No photos! (Scott Harrison, Los Angeles Times, Monday, Janury 4, 2016)
Playas nudistas, otra opción para sus vacaciones (audio in Spanish) (Blu Radio, Monday, Janury 4, 2016)
Sunbathers want clothing-optional area at Wasaga Beach (Ian Adams, Wasaga Sun vis Simcoe, Friday, January 1, 2016)
Welcome to 2016: Fireworks, music and naked yoga (Jorge Branco, Queendland Times, Friday, January 1, 2016)

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